Date:May 06-09,2018   Venue:NECC(Shanghai)
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Exhibitor Notice

Move-in & Move-out schedule

Booth construction May 4-5 08:30---20:30
Move-out, Booth dismantling May 9 15:00---20:30

Opening hours of during the exhibition

Exhibitors May 6-8 09:30---18:00
Visitors May 6-8 10:00---17:30
Visitors May 9 10:00---15:00

Regulation for staff, exhibits and vehicles

A. During the move-in and move-out period, all staff of exhibitors and booth building workers enters the exhibition hall with exhibitors’ badge or construction badge.

B. During the exhibition period, all staff of exhibitors enters the exhibition hall with exhibitors’ badge only.

C. The exhibitor badges are not allowed to be transferred to others.

D. Exhibitor badges can be obtained at the Exhibitor Registration Counter in the North Entrance Hall of National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) during the booth move-in period on 8:30 -17:00, May 4-May 5.

E. Exhibitors can collect their badges by showing your Move-in Notice and Exhibitor’s Liability Commitment together with your name card or Booth Contract upon arrival.

F. For the detailed process of obtaining the construction badge, please refer to the EXHIBITORS’ SAFETY MANAGEMENT MANUAL. Construction badge are only valid during move-in and move-out, but NOT valid during the exhibition period.

G. Staff with vehicles shall operate according Notice for Freight Vehicles attached.

H. Furniture and plants from outside is not permitted to enter the exhibition hall without the permission of the organizing committee. Lunch from outside is also not permitted to be taken in.

I. Exhibits can only been taken out with the taking-out pass by the organizing committee after the show is closed.

J. All exhibits and related good of booth shall be dismantled by 20:30, May 9.

Safety regulations

A. Booth with the height more than 4.5m needs to be checked and approved by the organizing committee and the exhibition hall. Details please refer to the EXHIBITORS’ SAFETY MANAGEMENT MANUAL.

B. During the move-in and move-out period, exhibitors shall pay more attention to the safety management. All staff working in the exhibition hall needs to wear the helmet. Staff with climbing operation needs to wear safety belt also. No children are allowed to enter the working site.

C. The building material must among the Non-combustible catalogue of fire safety regulations of People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal Government.

D. No smoking in the exhibition hall. Welding work and electric heating appliances are forbidden in the exhibition hall. Vehicles must empty the tank of gasoline or LPG

Regulation on exhibition hall

A. Please take good care of and do not move, change or damage any of the fixed facilities and equipments in the exhibition hall.

B. Do not beat, paste or make holes on the floor and walls and furniture provided by the organizing committee. Any damage will cause compensation.

C. Any suspension advertisements need the approval of the organizing committee.


A. Any exhibits or promotion activities that might violate the right of the trademarks and intellectual property of others will be moved out by the organizing committee.

B. It is not allowed to have any information containing Taiwan Independence, the Republic of China (R.O.C.) or any other content which is against the Law of People’s Republic of China.

C. The volume of any video or music must be kept below 75 db。

D. Exhibitors shall not spread advertisement outside of their own booth area.

E. Be aware of your own belongings



Organizing Committee of China Cycle

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