Date:May 06-09,2017   Venue:NECC(Shanghai)
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China International E-bike & Parts Fair 2017

May 6-9, 2017

 National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) or NECC(Shanghai). 
 No. 333, Songze Avenue, Qingpu Distict Shanghai, China.

China Bicycle Association
ORGANIZER: Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., Ltd.
CO-ORGANIZER: China National Information Center for Bicycle Industry
MEDIA STRATEGIC PARTNER: China Cycle   E-Vehicle Times

Market Background:
China, the largest producing and sales country in the world, generated the total production volume of 35.05 million units E-bike with year-on-year growth of 13.2 percent in 2012, of which 1.499 million units of lithium battery E-bikes. With rapid development of social economy and living standard, more and more Chinese people follow the trend of “Low-Carbon and Eco-friendly Mobility”, and E-bike industry is increasingly booming in China.
Related to the people’s livelihood industry, the E-bike industry in China will promote the initiative of energy saving and emission reduction, and will arouse the world’s attention. Jointly organized by China Bicycle Association and Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., Ltd., China International E-bike & Parts Fair 2014 will take place on 13th - 16th April 2014 in Shanghai. It is one of the most important events of China Cycle 2014, which will provide an ideal platform for international trade and cooperation in E-bike industry. And the exhibitors will showcase the advanced technology, fashionable products, modern design, innovative ideas, as well as the sustainable mobility during the exhibition.

Exhibition Scope:
International Brands, E-bike, Pedelecs, Lithium Battery, Motors, Accessories, Parts.