Date:May 06-09,2018   Venue:NECC(Shanghai)
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Building a platform for both domestic and foreign trade
Pushing technology innovation and quality improvement
China Cycle 2014 Open in April

With the theme "Technology Innovation and Quality Improvement", the 24th. China International Bicycle Fair (known as CHINA CYCLE 2014) is grandly open at the Shanghai New International Expo Center Today.
There are 1329 exhibitors from home and abroad came to Shanghai to witness the great achievements of Chinese bicycle industry, to share the domestic and overseas market on CHINA CYCLE show, and to jointly promote the technology innovation and restructuring and upgrading of the bicycle industry.

With up to 130,000m2 exhibition area, accommodating 6500 booths, CHINA CYCLE 2014 created a new record again this year! According to statistics, 247 exhibitors of complete bicycle, 136 of electric bicycles and parts, 159 of riding equipments, over 760 of bicycle parts and components took part in this exhibition. They are from 25 countries and regions such as Austria, Australia, Pakistan, Germany, Russia, France, Finland, Korea, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Canada, the United States, Malaysia, South Africa, Portugal, Japan, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Spain, India, Italy, Israel, Mainland China, Hong Kong, S.A.R and Taiwan Province. The number of overseas exhibitors reached 116.

"CHINA CYCLE 2014" not only set a new record on the total number of exhibitors. The number of exhibitors of E-bike and cycling products also increase by 10% while overseas exhibitors increase steadily. CHINA CYCLE 2014 has become the best platform for displaying and communicating and trading for the bicycle industry around the world. Overseas brands, such as Bianchi, BH, BMW, Cat Eye, Cube, Campagnolo, DT Swiss, FSA, Ghost, Huffy, Lapierra, Orbea, Pinarrelo, Specialized, Shimano, Sram, Sigma, Scott and etc. are all eager to show up on the exhibition to seize the thriving Chinese market. On the other hand, Giant, Merida, Forever, Phoenix, Cronus, Wuyang, Flying Pigeon and other famous domestic bicycle brands is showing up in a host attitude. The gathering of all these brands once again laid the solid foundation for China as the "Kingdom of Bicycle".

In order to cope with the rapid development of Chinese bicycle market, CHINA CYCLE 2014 provides the exhibitors a new platform for both domestic and foreign trade. We introduce advanced technology, manufacturing process, brand management model from foreign countries, and promote technology innovation and quality improvement to accelerate transformation of Chinese bicycle industry and brand building and to realize a win-win situation for domestic and overseas trading.
The exhibition will show us many well-known domestic and overseas enterprises. Eye-catching bicycles, numerous spare parts with new design and light-weighted lithium e-bicycles will surely satisfy the visitors from home and abroad.
With both domestic and overseas trading, CHINA CYCLE 2014, once again became a new gathering place of world's bicycle, lithium bicycles and new products.
To follow the trend of lightweight bicycles, to meet the demand of rigidity and strength in riding, Giant launched a fast, light and new road bike named TCR SLR, which is made of aluminum. Their shocking debut was in N1-0405. Compared with normal aluminum bicycles, Giant TCR SLR had its features: It used ultra-lightweight ALUXX SLR6000 aluminum. The frame wall thickness reduced by 20% by fine control technology. Furthermore, enhanced designs for riding are adopted. Bicycles' first tubes, first bowl sets and fork risers are enlarged, enhancing the stability of the front triangle of the frame, increasing the rigidity of the steering precision and handling. It was a kind of aluminum road bicycle with both physical and aesthetic properties, resembling with the appearance and texture of full carbon frame bicycle.
In CHINA CYCLE 2014, Merida bicycles (Booth No.: N1-0805) launched a full-suspension bicycle: ONE FORTY 2B. It adopted an excellent shock structure using the ideas of virtual turning point kinematic. The adoption of this structure on bicycles with more than 120mm length resulted in an increasing sensitivity of rear triangle actuator and a minimum impact of the chain on the properties of the suspension. In the case of braking, with advantages of off-road performance of large wheel diameter (27.5 inch), the structure could maintain active shock absorption performance. Meanwhile, the impact of pedaling force on actuator for shock was also minimized. Merida bicycle, once again demonstrated superior product design capabilities to integrate!
BH, originated in Spain, (Booth No: W1-0915) unveiled a new Triathlon TT bicycle, a top bicycle with excellent performance. The bicycle's frame geometry provides adjustable handle, which allows set at various heights. Seat tubes could simulate the effect equivalent to 74 to 78 degrees in the tube angle, enabling the rider to choose their most suitable position. The original stem and gasket could provide more space to be adjusted. Additionally, front brake calipers were hidden in the back of the fork to form a surface with plane flow lines, reducing the drag co-efficient. Strength enhancement of back by carbon fiber enhanced its accuracy between frame and wheel set to the same level with counterparts in same grade. At last, the design of back-change-lug seat allowed gear’s upgrade of shift performance.

You may witness advanced producing technology, perfect process design, and intelligent parts and components on CHINA CYCLE 2014. All these elements provide strong driving force of innovation for the upgrading of the bicycle industry of China and the world as a whole.

Quick bike (Booth No.: W2-0001): their new super fiber line-drawing wheels, combining high rigidity and light weight for climbing hill, becomes one of the highlights of the exhibition. Rims were handmade using ultra-high modulus carbon fiber. Spokes were manually prepared with Zylon super fiber lines. Combining with specially customized hub, Quick developed a pair of wheel sets. The total weight of Zylon fiber line used in the wheel equaled to only that of one metal spoke which was previously lightest. Abandoning traditional rigid metal spoke, Quick adopted Zylon fiber. Though the weight of Zylon fiber was only 1/50 of that of ordinary spoke, it could sustain 5-times tension as normal spokes. This stable, lightweight and rigid ultra light road wheel sets were finally completed through strict mechanical tests, road tests and other rigorous ones.
WELLGO CYCLE (Booth No.: N2-1305): has won several awards in CHINA CYCLE Creative Product Selection before 2014 with its superior product design and innovation. This year they launched an electronic power pedal. This product could measure value of the power output of left and right foot individually and values were accurate within ±2% range. Unlike other sensors with indirect power detection, they were installed on the contact surface, which was directly affected by the force. Data collection could be achieved directly from pedal force points without further accuracy correction of the translation by programs. Because data were transmitted via ANT+, force measuring structure could be constructed on pedal body without additional equipment. The rechargeable battery could provide a continuous 150 to 190 hours of performance after every full re-charge.
Shanghai International Outdoor Cycling Products Fair gathers the world’s leading exhibitors. It presents the new trends of riding supplies and equipment and thus matches the products of bicycles and lithium e-bikes perfectly.

In recent years, outdoor riding equipment enterprises demonstrated their advantages on the trading platform of CHINA CYCLE show. The show is promoting the fast development of outdoor riding industry. This year, Shanghai International Outdoor Cycling Products Fair 2014 brought together most leading exhibitors in the outdoor section around the world to demonstrate cutting-edge bicycle supplies and equipment. The visitors will be extremely excited and satisfied with the lavish products at site.
The exhibition not only attracted exhibitors of riding clothes, riding glasses, helmets and cycling shoes and other popular outdoor cycling products, but also exhibitors of bicycle pump, racks, GPS navigators, reflective products, sporting cameras and other new products. Many international brands of outdoor supplies and riding equipments are keen on the booming Chinese market. Participation in Shanghai International Outdoor Cycling Products Fair 2014 has become their only option and a unique bridge to enter the Chinese market.

In recent years, CATEYE from Japan participated in CHINA CYCLE show continuously, which enabled visitors and buyers to know about their latest products from all aspect. This year, CATEYE (Booth No.: W1-0717) also brought their latest products, CC-RD310W. It continued to use ClickTecTM (freely pressing) following CC-RD300W. Further more, CC-RD310W also reduced weight and thickness by 35%, enlarged screen by 23%, and reduced thickness of sensor by 47%. As a rookie of "CHINA CYCLE 2014", the advantages of high sensitivity, light weight, thinness, and convenience will attract exhibitors and visitors to try on it on their booth personally.

NW Inc. from Italy (Booth No.: W1-1215): Upgraded version of MTB lock shoes weighted only 280g! The soles of NW extra-light MTB shoes are made by slim unidirectional carbon with combination of Vibram rubber spikes. The shoes allow riders to show their best performance even on the wet and greasy terrain. Vamps are made of microfiber to ensure the lightness and comfort. The shoes are equipped with a new knob system named SLW2. The new "gradual adjustment" allows the rider to tighten and loosen the shoes in a very short time. Additionally, buttons on two sides of the shoes had two major functions making the shoes more convenient and practical: 1) respectively pressing the button will release microns, 2) lifting the button will open the shoes immediately and completely.
Moreover, VAUDE, a German brand of bicycle clothing and backpacks No.: N5-1005), Küat, an American brand of portable frame (Booth No.: N5-0810), BE-MATCH, a French brand of cycling clothes (Booth No.: N5-1036), MITI from Italy (booth No.: N5-0005) and other international outdoor brands all joined Shanghai International Outdoor Cycling Products Fair with more and more attention.
150 domestic and overseas e-bike companies will lively parse the future trends on "lightweight, lithium electrified and intellectualized" in electric bicycle industry.

China International E-Bike & Parts Fair 2014 occupies an 11000-square-meter exhibition area accommodating totally 600 booth units. Nearly 150 exhibitors of electric bicycle, lithium battery, and e-bike parts gathered here with their new technologies, new products and new ideas. Among these exhibitors, GIANT, GEOBY, FUSHIDA, TIANNENG, BAFANG, FLYING PIGEON, LVNENG and other electric bicycle and lithium battery enterprises would display their latest products. Furthermore, Samsung SDI, GOCCIA and other new exhibitors recently joined us. They will bring safe, intelligent, convenient, lithium-electric, innovative e-bike products to the market and grow up with the China International E-Bike & Parts Fair 2014 together.
As a new member of China International E-Bike & Parts Fair, ZEHUS company (Booth No.: W5-1701) from Italy developed a product named BIKE+, which combines motor, battery pack, electronic components and sensors together within a hub. Battery recharging is achieved during the riding process. It is a perfect combination of technological innovation and electric bicycle manufacturing. With this unique product, electric bicycles became not only a means of transport, but also the best choice for recreational sports and green traveling.
BOFEILI (Booth No.: W5-0721): The new EPAC middle-positioned intelligent motor system had the characteristics of low speed, high torque, high efficiency and wide platform. Low-speed motor had a larger torque. The concentric and coaxial technical allowed the torque change of motor through a gear shifting system and current change, increasing torque output adjustment range of motor which means a greater climbing ability. Moreover, it also enabled relatively high efficiency in different circumstances, saved energy and extended the mileage. In addition, intelligent torque adjustment and control settings of EPAC intelligent motor system enabled a perfect fit with riding state. The system could meet different needs and comfort of riders under different road state by measuring changes in pedaling force of riders to perform as a best assistance.
With the theme of "Gathering Lithium Electric Sci-Tech, Seeking Common Industrial Development", an international forum will explore the future trends of lithium bicycle industry from technical interoperability and Sales communion.

In recent years, lithium bicycles steadily grew in production and innovation. Light weighted, lithium electrification and intellectualization made lithium bicycles a core element in the future development of e-bike market.
On April 13, China International Li-battery E-bike Industry Summit 2014 (abbreviation: “Li-battery Summit ") will be held in N1-M42 of SNIEC. On the summit, Mr. Ma Zhongchao, Chairman of the China Bicycle Association, will make a keynote speech on the topic of "New ideas of industrialization of Li-battery bicycles". Samsung SDI will talk about "general description on the Asian Lithium bicycle market". Other world famous professionals, such as Hannes Heupert, (President of Extra Energy from Germany), Michael Pecht (Professor from University of Maryland and director of Computer-Aided product life cycle engineering center) and James Post (Managing Director from Dutch International Battery Test Co., Ltd.) will discuss on the topics on core technology, battery management system and testing standard of lithium bicycles.
"Six bicycle related activities” concurrently held with China Cycle 2014 will catch the eye of exhibitors, visitors and media and became the highlights of the exhibition again.

On Creative Product Selection, 10 CBA Gold Awards and 40 CBA Innovation Awards will be selected from 141 applicants. All winning products will be displayed in the Innovation Demonstration Exhibition. Eighty overseas athletes from 10 countries and regions will show their excellent skills in China International X-Games 2014. The third Merida Cup Cycling Photography Competition will display 45 outstanding photography works to promote the concept of low-carbon transport and environmental friend lifestyle. A new round of photography recruiting will begin since the opening of China Cycle 2014. "CRONUS Fashion Show 2014" will display the riding fashion and trends by 14 hot performances with cycling equipments during the four-day show. Test Ride of International Brand brought together 13 domestic and international top brands. Cycling enthusiasts may have the opportunity to try on world top brand bicycles and enjoy extraordinary riding experience. Best Booth Selection encourages enterprises to adopt environmental friendly and safe design and construction of booths. These six activities of CHINA CYCLE 2014 will help to build a fashionable, innovative and passionate and environmental atmosphere.
In the environment of Chinese booming bicycle market, CHINA CYCLE 2014 will surely become a multi-functional platform, which gathers the latest achievements and hotspots of bicycles industry around the world. Let us expect and witness various events and activities of CHINA CYCLE 2014 together, and strive hand in hand towards the brilliant 25th anniversary!