Date:May 06-09,2018   Venue:NECC(Shanghai)
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Orbea’s All-Use range is designed to produce bikes that are above all versatile, attractive and that incorporate new technologies into affordable products. They’ll go along with you as you do sports, in your leisure time and on your daily commute. They’re ready for whatever you want.

Two different options: All Use Sport and All User Confort. All-Use Sport bikes are designed for mountain bike riding with no limits, and to accompany you wherever your daily travels take you. If what you’re looking for is a bike with a comfortable position for excursions and getting around the city, you’ll love Orbea’s All-Use Comfort model.

Designed for natural, comfortable riding
The ergonomics of All-Use bikes provide improved control, thanks to a lower center of gravity, a more natural riding position and maneuverability that is enhanced by the frame design. It’s while you’re riding that you’ll be surprised by how comfortable the All-Use bike really is and how easy it is to travel over any terrain and in any situation.

Think about what you’ll use your bike for and how you’ll use it to know what frame suits your needs. The frame determines the bike’s character. For a comfy bike with a sportive character, choose the Sloping frame. The Entrance frame is more comfortable and can carry saddlebags or a baby seat, and you can easily mount and dismount from the side center. The most comfortable bike of them all, however, is the Open. As you can see, it’s easy!

All-Use Sport, equipped for pure mountain biking

You need to be well equipped for mountain biking. A super-oversized mountain bike handlebar and grips you can hang on to for greater control, a sports seat, and tires with good grip, double-wall rims and sport pedals. All the assurance you need to head out to the mountain, and there’s even a model with disk brakes. With All-Use SPORT, you can enjoy pure mountain biking. Don’t forget your helmet!

All Use Comfort = Versatility with Comfort

All-Use Comfort bikes are designed and intended for riding comfort. That’s why they have a higher handlebar and adjustable stem, so you can adjust the bike to your natural position. It also has details like ergonomic grips, nice pedals, and of course, a very comfortable seat. Top models also include seat and front wheel suspension. All-Use Comfort bikes are mainly that… Comfortable!
Choose your wheel!
It’s easy. We’ll give you some hints! At Orbea, we’ve conducted riding tests with different users, from beginners to professionals, and the results show that for size S, users do better with 26” wheels. On the other hand, large sizes do better with 29” wheels. For the sizes in the middle, those who are mainly going to use their bikes for sports usually prefer the stability and performance of 29” wheels, while those who are going to do a lot of riding in the city are normally better off with 26” wheels, which give them greater agility at low speeds.

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