Date:May 06-09,2018   Venue:NECC(Shanghai)
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Creative Product Selection 2018



China Bicycle Industry Information Center



 Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Creative Industry Center

Kunshan Creative Industry Center



Organizing Committee of China Cycle

National Bicycle Quality Supervision and Testing Center



China Bicycle Association

China Industrial Design Association

Shanghai Industrial Design Association


Evaluation Committee:

China Bicycle Association

China Industrial Design Association

National Bicycle Quality Supervision and Testing Center

International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID)

School of Design, East China Normal University

College of Applied Art & Design, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University

Shanghai Creative Industry Center

Organizing Committee of China Cycle Show


Media Supporters:

China Bicycle Magazine

Cycling Magazine

Art and Design Magazine

Mstyle Magazine

Visual China Group


Exhibition News

Design Magazine



Purpose: Promote the creativity of bicycle.




The product must be put into market already during 2016-2018.

They must be new products or upgraded products with significant changes.

They must have their own intellectual property, innovative design, reasonable structure, and superior performance, advanced technologies.

They must reach necessary standards, safety procedures, and operating programs.

They must meet the requirements of design and be in line with national standards, industry standards or user requirements and the technical level must surpass the advanced domestic level.

It is free of charge to participate.

All cost of your traffic, communication, mailing, propagandas and product transportation will borne by yourselves.


How to Participate:

Registration time: November, 2017-February, 2018

Application: Log in, the official website of the China Cycle Show; click on the "Creative Product Selection" icon, fill out the "CHINA CYCLE 2018 Creative Product Selection Application Form" and submit to register, then click on “Uploading”, uploading the graphic information of your creative products(electronic version), or you can sent to: QQ:517614255



Registration, the products should submit electronic version of the graphic information (file formats: TIF, the JPEG whose accuracy ≥ 300 pixels) and video (optional), text description and openly technical parameters and market points of sale.

The enterprises whose products are selected should provide product samples, independent intellectual property-related documents and send them to the Evaluation Committee according to notification requirements of the Evaluation Committee.

 All participants are allowed to submit more than one product, but each product should fill out a registration form separately.

The organizers have the right to cancel the products whose materials are not complete or materials submitted don’t comply with the Rules.

When the products are in the process of selection or publicity, if any dispute, they must provide the appropriate documents to the organizing committee within the prescribed time. Those who can’t provide documents within the schedule time will be deemed as automatic quit.




March, 2018: Preliminary evaluation: the excellent exhibits (finalists) will be chosen from all eligible products according to the standard assessment.


March, 2018: The list will be posted on the official website of the China Cycle Show:


March, 2018: Public vote online: The public can vote for the excellent products posted online.


April, 2018: Re-evaluation of the Evaluation Committee: the finalists will be re-evaluated by the Evaluation Committee. In the final statistics of Selection results, the online votes accounted for 10%, the Evaluation Committee votes accounted for 90%.


May 6, 2018: The final results will be announced by the guests of honor on the ceremony. The short-listed products, the organizers will notify the participating finalists to submit their physical products to participate in the exhibition site. Those who fail to provide physical products within the stipulated time will be deemed as automatic quit.



※Powerful media: Publication of Media from home and abroad for the whole process of award ceremony.

※We will publish awarded enterprise in the exhibition's official website and China Bicycle Magazine.


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