Date:May 06-09,2017   Venue:NECC(Shanghai)
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2016 China International X-Games
Introduction / Preface:
2016 China International X-Games” which Approved by the General Administration of Sport of China, hosted by China Bicycle Association, Chinese Extreme Sports Association and China Cycle Organizing Committee, supported by Shanghai Athletics Management Center, organized by Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., Ltd and Kind Shock HI-TECH Co., Ltd (KS) will be held brilliantly in Shanghai. It will attract more world-class players, more Chinese top athletes and more global mainstream professional media than before. The organizer sincerely invites all of the bicycle enterprises to “2016 China International X-Games”, and also welcomes all worldwide x-games bicycle fans to sign up for the competition to challenge the masters and defending champions.

 “China International X-Games” cooperated with CCTV, Dragon TV, Shanghai TV Five-star Sports, Channel Young, Zhejiang TV, Xinhua Net, People Net, Sina Net, Sohu Net and many other mainstream professional media in order to get more sensational effects of publicity. It became one of the most influential China bicycle extreme sports games in 2014, and also helped the participation enterprises get the best effects of publicity in bicycle industry.
May 6-9, 2016  ( May 6 is show day)
NECC (Shanghai)

a. BMX PARK (20 inches)
b. BMX PARK (24 inches & 26 inches)
a. BMX STREET (20 inches)
b. BMX STREET (26 inches)

May 6:
BMX Flatland and Fixed Gear Show
Professional Trails Demo Show
Professional BMX/MTB Show
May 7
BMX Masters Show
BMX PARK (20 inches) Preliminaries
TRAILS (20 inches) Preliminaries
Teams & Masters Show
BMX PARK (24 inches & 26 inches) Preliminaries
TRAILS (24 inches & 26 inches) Preliminaries
BMX FLATLAND Preliminaries
May 8:
BMX PARK (20 inches) Finals
TRAILS (20 inches) Finals
Teams & Masters Show
BMX PARK (24 inches & 26 inches) Finals
TRAILS (24 inches & 26 inches) Finals
Prize Winners Show
The Award Ceremony
Athletes Night Party

Competition Rules:
1. The code of points of BMX PARK: According to B3 sports event rule;
2. The code of points of BMX STREET: According to U.C.I rule;
3. The code of points of BMX FATLAND: According to the difficulty, the continuity, the success rate, the number of actions and the personal whole style;
Competition Notice:
1. The applicants must fill out the application form truthfully and clearly, read the application notice and the document of legal responsibility absolution and abandoning right seriously, and sign to confirm them at last;
2. The applicants will receive the application confirmation after fill out the application form during the specified period to sign up for the games, then they will be given the number garments on game day and enter the games after check-up;
3. All of the cycling fans who are healthy, love cycling, and have some skills and experiences of cycling are allowed to sign up for the games;
4. The competitors must have their own bicycles, equipments and protectors, and all of the motor-assisted transmissions are not allowed to be used on the competition bicycles;
5. Please dismantle all of the unnecessary hurtful parts such as kickstand, lock, basket, rear seat before the games, otherwise our organizing committee technician will help you dismantle and keep them on the bicycle safety maintenances before check-up;
6. The competitors must ensure the quality and condition of their bicycles to fulfill the games requirements. And the organizing committee will be irresponsible for any injuries or losses caused by the quality, condition and improper cycling;
7. The competitors must ensure their excellent skills and physical and mental health to enter the games, because cycling is a dangerous sports event. It means that the competitors will have confirmed and ensured their excellent skills and physical and mental health to enter the games as long as they join the games;
8. The competitors must wear some necessary safety protectors such as safety helmets, knee protectors and elbow protectors;
9. The competitors must keep the fair-and-square competition spirit, follow the games rules and pay attention to safety. Don’t do any dangerous action such as touch, shove and bump which may hurt yourself or others and influence the games and safety of others. If some competitors do the above foul action, the organizing committee will have the right to warn them, forbid them to compete and cancel their results. The competitors who do the foul action will be responsible for all of the responsibilities and results caused by their foul action.
Application Notice:plication Notice:
2. All of the cycling fans who are healthy, able to compete, and 18 to 60 years old, are allowed to sign up for the games;
     a. Name;
     b. The valid identity papers type and number (insured must), the professional athletes under 18 years old must provide the commitment letter of agreement from their guardian and the valid identity papers type and number (insured must);
      d.  Effective mailing address, zip code and phone number;
4. The competitors shall pay the application fee RMB50 per person for each event, and if some competitors need to sign up for two or more events, please pay the additional application fee RMB10 per person for each event. The application fee is not refundable after paid;
5. The competitors will get the RMB100, 000 personal accident insurance, the number garments, Chinese food, drinks and other games souvenirs on game day;
6. Application online;
    a. Click the “Competition Application”, fill out and send the “Application Form”, the athletes from foreign countries, Hong Kong, Marco and Taiwan must upload the electronic edition of valid passport and Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents. The organizing committee will reply with short message or email in 24 hours after the “Application Form” sent. If you do not receive the reply from the organizing committee, please call the telephone number: 86-21-32513000ext852. (Contact person: Ms.Long Tao)
    b. Please remit the application fee into receiving company account in five days after application;
         Receiving Company: Shanghai Xiesheng Exhibition Co., Ltd
         Bank Account: 457259252955
         Bank: 044528 Bank of China, Shanghai Zhenbei Road Branch
    c. The organizing committee will mail or email the “Application Confirmation Letter” to the applicants including all athletes from China, foreign countries, Hong Kong, Marco and Taiwan in five days after receiving remittance, and your name will be written in the “Competitor List” at same time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
联系人/Contact:龙涛/Ms. Long Tao
Address:Room 2101, No. 1678 Jinshajiang Road, Shanghai, China