Date:May 06-09,2018   Venue:NECC(Shanghai)
    2017 Report
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Show Report of CHINA CYCLE 2017

Report on Exhibitors Overview

Date: May 6 - 9, 2017

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Theme: Innovation, Intelligent and Interconnectivity

Scale: 150000 square meters

Exhibitor: 1228

Booth: 6552.5 units (9 sqm for each)


Analysis: Exhibitors and booths

Totally 1228 exhibitors participated in CHINA CYCLE2017 with 6552.5 booths. There were 1129 Chinese exhibitors with booth 6098.5, which decreased by 7.23% and 4.53% comparing to the previous exhibition. There are two reasons: First, this year the North Hall was used as a place for audience registration, opening ceremony and the main activities instead of a formal exhibition hall. Consequently, the total number of booths was reduced by nearly 400 booths comparing with that of last year. Second, limited by the using area of the exhibition halls, we are so regretful that there are still more than 150 applicants could not get booth this year.

Among the 1228 exhibitors, 99 are from abroad. The countries and regions includes United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Spain, Pakistan, South Korea, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Brazil, France, Hong Kong S.A.R Macau and Taiwan Province. These overseas exhibitors made up 454 booths.


Exhibits and Brands

The exhibition brought together current domestic and international high-end brands in bicycle industry. You can see world known brands such as BIANCHI(Italy),PINARELLO(Italy),COLNAGO(Italy),SCHWALBE(Germany), STROMER(Switzerland),SHIMANO(Japan), CATEYE(Japan), SRAM(US), ABUS(Germany), LAPIERRE(-France) on the show. You would also find domestic and Taiwan brands such as GIANT, MERIDA, FOREVER, Phoenix, Flying Pigeon, Wuyang, XDS, BATTLE, KMC,FEIMIN, Wheeltop, GULI, KS, Pro-wheel, Novatec and so on in this event.

The electric brand such as AIMA, Tailg, Benelli, Hulong, BAFANG, WUXING, ANANDA,PHYLION BATTERY and other electric bicycles, motors, Lithium batteries, electric bicycle parts enterprises came to CHINA CYCLE once again. With all these high-end, innovative design of various types of intelligent products, this exhibition was really a full feast to the eyes of both visitors and exhibitors.



We can see the electric bicycles and their components are growing significantly. The domestic Lithium-battery e-bike industry is in a rapid development stage. The rapid development of lithium battery industry, led the transformation and upgrading of the e-bike industry, so that its market share and export ratio were substantially increased. This also supported the developing concept proposed by CBA Chairman Mr. Ma Zhongchao, which is “Apply more Lithium batteries, make e-bikes more light weighted and more intelligent; increase the market share of lithium battery e-bikes and increase the export ratio of electric bicycles.

The number of enterprises for whole bikes slightly increased compared with that of previous year. This is mainly due to the rise of Pubic Sharing Bikes. Sharing bikes brought vitality for the industry of both complete bicycles, bicycle parts and components.

In recent years, as the concept of riding with leisure and health was deeply recognized, bikes are attracting more and more consumers. Some famous brands outside the bicycle industry also stepped in this field, such as IRIDING invested by Xiaomi company, and a sub bicycle brand of the German Volkswagen Group ,the famous European motorcycle brand Benelli and so on.


New exhibitors

This year, 158 exhibitors are new faces, among them 141 are domestic and 17 are from abroad.



The complete bicycle companies accounted for 25.9% of new exhibitors, The sharing bike brand of Mobike, OFO, Bluegogo, Mingbikes, YunBike and Zeebike all participated in the exhibition. This is one of the future direction of those complete bicycle companies and meanwhile it also helps citizens in solving the last kilo problem of transportation. It is promoting the city’s new rules of traffic and changing the riding fashion. The exhibitors of outdoor and cycling equipments flow in and out more frequently. This part accounted for 20% of the new exhibitor as the second large part. The total number of exhibitors in this field is decreasing, which means that new enterprises joined in continuously while old ones are quitting. In recent years, equipment companies are encountering ups and downs. There are many uncertainties in the market. They are trying to find a real fit way to explore their market. CHINA CYCLE show provide a good platform to help them establish communication network. At the same time, they can also feel the atmosphere of the entire bicycle industry.

The regional distribution of new exhibitors is average – according to the new exhibitors distribution map, the majority are from Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province .


Report on Visitors Main figures:


1.Compared with last year, the visitor entrance number is increasing obviously, the total number of visitors is almost the same. There are mainly two reasons. The first is that the show was opened on Saturday and the preheating of the show attracted much more citizen this year. The second is that the simultaneously held show in NECC brought a lot of visitors also.

2.The visitors of the first two days accounted for 74% of the total visitor entrance. The summit figure emerged on the second day. Bicycle is becoming a life style instead of a transportation tool only.

3.Visitors are more willing to use Wechat on the mobile phone to register for badges. The percentage of Wechat registration raised from 2.1% in 2016 to 17.4% in 2017. However, the on-line preregistration number is declining.

4.The purposes of visitors are more diversified. People are not coming for trade transactions only.