Date:May 06-09,2018   Venue:NECC(Shanghai)
    Photography competition
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Selection Method:
a) The Organizing Committee will organize photographers and scholars to select the pictures with the over all consideration of expert suggestion and online voting.
   The photos of first prize, second prize and third prize must be taken on site of CHINA CYCLE 2017.
b) Their work will be portrayed at  CHINA CYCLE 2018 in May 2018.
c) Works recommendation:The photography selected at CHINA CYCLE 2018 will be appeared in the photo album of “Neco Cup-Riding, the interpretation of a new lifestyle”.
1. Photographers and enthusiasts from home and abroad are welcome to participate in photography competition.
2. The content of your photo shall be about:
    a) Bueaty of bicycle: to reflect the development, growth and achievements of the bike.
    b) Human and bicycle: record bike in people lives everywhere, reflecting the masses spirit and a splendid happy life.
    c) The story of bicycle: show cycling culture, including: leisure, travel, sports etc.
3. All works must be original, true, with retained the EXIF data.
4. Each participator can contribute 20 works at most.
5. Works specifications:  JPEG format not less than 1M.
6. Only adjustment of brightness, contrast, and color saturation of the photo is allowed. Photo synthesis, adjunction and color changing of large scale are not allowed.
7. The author must have the whole and exclusive copyright of the works. If any legal dispute, the legal responsibility shall be borne by the author himself.
8. Participator failure to any of the above rules will be disqualified.
Competition time: April 1---November 30 ,2017.
Registration: Registration in the official website of China International Bicycle and Motor Fair ( Registration site has been taken out of maintenance mode. ) and fill in the real personal information.
               Please click here to register.
Submission methods:   QQ: 1584187709
It is free of charge to participate. Works will not be returned to you whether awarded or not.

100 photo works will be awarded, they are
First prize*1: RMB5000 bonus or equivalent items.
Second prize*3: RMB2000 bonus or equivalent items.
Third prize*5: RMB1000 bonus or equivalent items.
Encouragement award*91: RMB300 bonus or equivalent items.
All the awarded works will be published in the photo album of “Neco Cup-Riding, the interpretation of a new lifestyle”.

a) For all works, the organizers, the co-organizers have the right to use it in publications, exhibitions, and related publicity, and no longer pay royalties.
b) One author is not limited to get several award of Encouragement.
c) First prize, second prize and third prize shall not be same person.
d) All winners are awarded honorary certificates.

All prizewinning work in 2017 photo competition, please click right buttons to find more information.retrospective 2017 
More information on the Photo Competition will be published on website, you may reach us at:
Contact Person: Ms.Zheng
Tel: 86-21-62036357 ext 818